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Serving wholehearted, trustworthy, sincere, highly motivated, and highly driven client for whom I can bring in tremendous growth and results gracefully. To ensure your highest level of success:

  • You are a high functioning individual (wholehearted entrepreneur, C-Level Executives, entertainers, Elite athletes) who has done everything in the book right that you know of, and yet you are still stuck in the same place or even getting worse in your performance and you are feeling unfulfilled inside.

  • You are a highly motivated, open hearted, sincere and genuine person. You are a person of your word! Your motivation needs to be at least a 9 (out of 10) to be the right client for me.

  • You are willing to make the time for your growth outside of your regular schedule. This journey requires the same kind of commitment as it is to your profession.  I wouldn’t expect any less from you. 

  • You are aware of the time and financial investment required for working with me.  The amount of time and money is all depending on your needs, the scale of work, and income. You should not put yourself or your family at any financial risk by working with me.



Coaching Services:

Magic Hours- $1000

  • Up to 3 hours of breakthrough your own barriers to experience life magic.  

Jumpstart Agreement - $5500

  • Up to 12 hours (typically 1.5 hours session over 3 month period) 

Annual Transformation Agreement - $20,000 

  • Up to 48 hours (typically 1.5 hours session every other week) 

Custom Coaching Agreement - $40,000-$200,000

  • Up to 100 hours (approximately one year)
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Coaching Application

Please take your time to fill the form as throughly as possible. Once you fill the form, request a schedule time to have a 30min heart-to-heart conversation. I will review your request and respond within 5 days. 

Please note: Not all applications are accepted due to availability and compatibility.
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