Have you suffered for years from any emotional abuse, physical abuse, rape or any kind of molestation?

Are you ready to do what it takes to break permanently FREE from the traumas of your past? 

I’m happy to announce that I’m now able to offer one scholarship placement per year!


You will be able to to work with me privately to completely heal your trauma from rape, molestation or other physical and mental abuse. 

I’m a breakthrough specialist who works with open-hearted and highly motivated individuals like YOU!

This kind of emotional trauma affects every area of your life, from your business to your relationships and your overall peace of mind.

With only one day of work together I can get you to a place of freedom from this burden, where you feel emotionally neutral and capable of forgiving both yourself and your abuser, so that you will be capable of moving on to live the life you deserve.

This scholarship is my GIFT for You if:

  • You feel you are ready to take your life to the next level of happiness and fulfillment.

  • You are still struggling through some of your deepest and most challenging internal blocks to living the life you deserve. 


The good news is that you can truly feel free from those emotions once and for all. 

I’m happy to report that, over the years of working with many clients at different age and different walk of life, I have achieved a high success rate in assisting my clients who were victims of rape and molestation to permanently free from all the unwanted feelings.

When I discovered my gift for taking clients through this process, it became clear to me that it was my responsibility to share my ability. I want to share this gift to help as many people as possible, regardless of who they are, what has happened to them and whether or not they can afford to pay for my services.

Are you ready to enjoy new freedom?

The Two Virtual 1/2 VIP Day with me for Sexual Abuse Victims is a scholarship worth over $10,000. Most cases of abuse can be taken care of in just two half VIP Days.

If it takes longer than that, that’s fine too, I will work with you until you are free from your one specific rape and molesting trauma.


Please fill out the APPLICATION FORM below.

Both men and women are encouraged to apply.
I will contact you if and when I feel called to serve you. If you don’t hear from me, please don’t take it personally. This means it is not the right time to work together right now and we should both respect that.
As you can imagine the demand for this scholarship is high.  At this point, I am limited to only give out one spot per year. 




Indicate below how satisfied you feel in each of the areas of your life using a scale of 1 to 10. One being not satisfied at all, and ten being completely satisfied.

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